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Property Damage

Property damage often plagues a number of home and business owners whose neglect or unexpected water damage becomes a huge issue. Take control of your investment and contact a professional water damage company now!

We’ve worked with a number of commercial property types including:

  • Retail/Restaurant
  • Manufacturers/Warehouse
  • Hotel/Apartment Buildings
  • Office/Corporate Buildings

We also work extensively with residential customers whose home’s suffer all types of water damage issues. There are a myriad of causes to water damage, but the most common can surprisingly affect you without warning.

Common causes of water damage include:

  • Leaking or overflowing machinery
  • Broke or burst piping
  • Damaged roof due to flood damage or heavy rain
  • Sewage damage of malfunctioning sump pump
  • Fire sprinkler damage

There are extraneous causes, and we are prepared to deal with them! We work with EPA approved equipment to properly extract, remove and dispose of debris, water and other materials resulting from the restoration. Contact the professionals at Santa Ana Water Damage today.

Fastest, arrival time in the area with 24 hour 7 days a week emergency response times! Our trained technicians will arrive on site within 30 minutes of your call to evaluate the property and start restoring the damage immediately! While you wait, we provide direct insurance billing services to process the water damage claim with your provider for expedited compensation and negotiation.

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